Peruvian Premium Distilled Gin

First Peruvian Premium Gin

100% Andean and Amazonian Botanicals

We do not use any kind of flavorings, artificial flavorings or sweeteners.

Only natural fruits and spices

GIN´CA is the first gin created in Peru, awarded as the best Peruvian distillate in 2015. It is distilled with fresh and selected fruits and botanicals from our coast, mountains and jungle and is also 100% gluten free. It has a fresh, citric and herbaceous profile at the same time, with a dry character and is ideal not only for gin and tonics but also for classic cocktails thanks to its perfect balance.

Macedonian juniper


Peruvian Lime

Sweet peruvian lemon


Molle pepper

Amazonian cinnamon

Black pepper




Flavor notes

Mainly citrus on the nose, notes of sweet lemon and juniper stand out, with a herbal touch of rosemary and rue in the background.

Extremely smooth and pleasant.

In the mouth it is intense, citric and spicy, with a slightly herbaceous aftertaste. It reaches the throat very smoothly and persists in the mouth for a long time.

Tour Peru in one drink.

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GIN'CA Berries Edition

GIN´CA Berries Edition es una ginebra destilada peruana premium elaborada con alcohol de caña de azúcar extraneutral y bayas de enebro de Macedonia y una cuidadosa selección de bayas frescas sin sabores artificiales ni azúcares añadidos.

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