Berries Edition

GIN’CA Berries Edition it’s a premium distilled peruvian gin, elaborated with extra neutral sugar cane alcohol, juniper Macedonian berries and a careful choice of wild berries without artificial flavors or sugar added.

We don't use any artificial flavoring or sweetners.

Only selected wild berries:

100% Natural

Macedonian Juniper

Macedonian Juniper with an ecological certificate. Su gran esencia y aroma que aporta a nuestro gin, deleita a los paladares más exigentes. Also we can use its berries as a botanical to scent and give strength to our gin cocktails.

Peruvian Raspberry

A delicate perennial shrub red berry that counts with a delicious taste, numerous properties and a high antioxidant capacity. This wild berry takes part in the botanical selection for this version of our distilled gin. 

Peruvian Blackberry

The berry with the most antioxidant power of intense dark color, comes from a deciduous shrub that belongs to the rosaceae family. It provides GIN’CA berries edition of its intense flavor profile.

Peruvian Goldenberry

It’s a sweet wild berry; native from the Peruvian Andes. A star ingredient for the making of GIN’CA berries edition.

Peruvian Blueberry

This blue colored wild berry, is very popular for its positive effects to reduce cholesterol and being the main role of many desserts. With a slight sour taste, it delights us with its presence inside this GIN’CA fruity version.

Filtering method

GIN´CA Berries Edition is hydrated with demineralized and chemically pure glacial water and it is filtered through 12 estiralizing plaques of 0,2 to 0,4 microns.

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