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From this it can be seen that Steinbeck is seemingly trying to impart to audience the point that the only way human beings can cope with their own feelings of weak spot and insecurity is to find it in other folks and deride them for it (Jain and Bloom, 45 – forty six).

In simple fact it can be stated that thoughts of insecurity a variety of figures have all through the novel is in outcome the outcome of the cycle of derision wherein each character continues to foster the experience of weakness and insecurity in the other. In a perception this cycle of derision can so be interpreted as a form of oppression whereby Steinbeck is attempting to relay the message that oppression itself does not originate only from the palms of the powerful but from the weak as perfectly and that it is this pretty cycle that people apparently look to draw a specified degree of power (Jain and Bloom, 45 – forty six). Such a cycle can essentially be seen in a frequent superior university environment whereby well-liked youngsters demean geeks, nerds and the «a lot less well known» but they them selves are insecure because of to the pay for my homework tenuous mother nature of acceptance in that they deride and shame others in purchase to continue being well-known and preserve their status.

This is also observed in different areas of the novel wherein in purchase to manage the perception of id the characters have cast for them selves they oppress other people in order to manage the perception of who they are yet such a process of producing an id is in itself based mostly on absolutely nothing more than a process of covering up their individual inherent weaknesses. Such a circumstance can be observed in a variety of social illustrations whereby females deride and demean other girls owing to their visual appeal but they themselves are inherently insecure. Men oppress other adult men on the basis of the other’s sexuality nevertheless they on their own are insecure about their have sexuality.

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At last, even youngsters demean other young children in the sort of bullying however in most conditions this kind of steps are the result of their very own troubled homes (Sardar and Saunders, forty eight). Based on this it can be seen that the cycle of oppression and insecurity observed in culture is in fact reflected in the novel itself in which the writer attempts to produce a microcosm of the recent condition of society by getting the people portray the various styles of personalities men and women experience on a each day basis. Concept of Hopes and Dreams. Another facet of the novel and how it relates to human culture is the principle of hopes and dreams and how it will help folks to survive irrespective of never ever becoming authentic.

This is basically a continuing concept in the novel whereby each and every character shows a distinct sort of hope or dream that under no circumstances certainly materializes still is just one of the driving forces behind their habits. For case in point the idea of George and Lennie’s farm is really symbolic of the idyllic everyday living that the figures in novel are after(Person Jr. et al. , seventy one- seventy two).

This is evidenced by the truth that so many of the principal characters in novel are entranced by the thought of owning a farm that they even request to be component of the enterprise.

It need to be observed that the farm itself symbolizes liberty for the many gentlemen in just the ranch. For Candy it symbolizes freedom from the dread of becoming solid out of the ranch because of to his outdated age although for Crooks the farm is symbolic of his independence from the prejudices of the entire world exactly where the color of kinds skin dictates the amount of regard and alternatives one particular receives. Thus the notion of the farm is one particular closely similar to the shared dream of flexibility by all the gentlemen which enables them to proceed to persevere in spite of activities and occurrences heaping much more issues on to their life (Individual Jr.

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